Thursday, February 19, 2009


For beginners we all become so excited to have AdSense on our blogs to earn money,true,i know that it takes time,patience and perseverance,yes,all three combined.Time for you to start seeing any major results,Patience to take things slowly,the quick buck earners i think are not really genuine,For newbies let me help you out just to start,you have to ask yourself do you really have it/Yes you do,you don't need skills to know how to start with Google as they give you all the tools,and you only need a PC,and a concept of what you want to talk about and will to BLOG.
BEGINNERS-first open a google account and register all your info,apply for  AdSense and when you are doing that,you already know what you want to write about,select the best keyword that describes your blog,at times they are known as tags,on the process of adding AdSense you will attain a Code that you will paste it in your layout.let it be relevant on what you are writing.
QUESTIONS-How do you get immediate help or info,when you are stuck?
-There is the Webmaster tools -search for queries
-AdSense forums here you post your question from how do ?i to technical support,layout problems and definitely you will be helped,depending on you problem
-AdSense official and support group you also can get your answer as above
How or Where do i place the Ads?before placing your ads i recommend you first choose the Ad format that will give good impressions and earnings,i highly recommend if its a sky scrapper 160X600.for medium rectangle get the 300x250,they are the best performing Ad sizes for AdSense,place the medium on top of your blog entwine the rest within your blog,Now as a beginner we are getting somewhere,right,i really hope so the our next question,
How can i increase or maximise my income?We have what is called Custom channels,there are basically two types of this channels that is the URL and Custom channel,lets assume we did not know that by creating a URL its really important to note that sometimes we use our own names,so when you are choosing your tile make sure its one of the best performing keyword to use on your blog.For Custom channel is for tracking how your Ads are performing,or what you want to track,remember its the description you have given of your site and tags given and what Ads you want running on your blog.
How does Google decide on how to pay on my Ads?Basically this is summarized into three things,Your Keyword,Ads and Content,do some tweaks here and there,Some strategy advice,go to forums discuss,submission to articles,link your blog with related sites that talk about the same thing.Succeeding is really hard work,keep updating your blog regularly,
AdSense mistakes-some common mistakes we do are like contradicting your keywords,colors with your blog,rhyme the colors,blend them to match your  blog,Google has no rules on how and where you want to place your Ads,
Making money with AdSense-check out other money making sites,as i told you there are alot of competitors out there getting there takes time and effort.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Do you wonder why you have a high rate of visitors and less clicks or no clicks at all,or if you have clicks they do generate low income,We all have gone through storms and tides,frustrated and some yet have given up,Don't give up hope as there are new findings daily on ways to earn start earning with AdSense,fellow bloggers don't be discouraged ,i told you earlier joining social communities really helps,but lets be honest here,they are there to help you generate traffic,so you are visited daily and they leave good comments,which you have to appreciate for taking thier time to check your site,then you ask a question why is it that they are not clicking on my adds ?Simple they are thereto socialize with you,give you courage and support maybe newbies will try and click your info ads out of curiosity am just saying but if they are starting an AdSense site then that's okay because they are looking for more information the more information you provide the more interested they will at least look for more info,but how will they look for more info on your Ads when you don't talk about ways to earn money with Adsense?Assume you are talking about earning money with Adsense and your content is something so different?The word for AdSense power play is CONTENT,AND KEYWORD in your site.Social marketing is only for getting traffic,Now you have traffic what next?Lets go one step ahead ,lets think like our visitors ,just like you put yourself in their corner ,they simply are not looking for friends,chat,socializing,remember they are looking for information,products,what to do that will help them,from health to software,electronics,ways of earning money,education etc ,So target them,what else can you do,you can do it by promoting products,advertising them,become an affiliate to various companies,and work around them,put discounted items if you decide to advertise with affiliate programs like Amazon,EBay .Affiliate programs come in so many ways,in Publishing and in PTC click companies which needs working round your affiliated programs to get or earn some money.But before you join any affiliate or click to pay services hunt around and get people in forums or blogs who can help you to share thier experiences with the services.
BEGINNERS - Everyday we learn different ways of earning with AdSense or simply how to set it up,if you are hosted by blogger know that AdSense is allowed on your site,you need to sign up and give an accurate information about yourself and when applying for AdSense know your content,know what you want to write about,so if you apply and create a powerful keyword to go along with the content.update your blog regularly and try optimizing,TIP try and use google tips on your AdSense account,try and read their do and don ts and ask questions in the google group discussions.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What is SEO?Basically this is called Search Engine Optimization where your website is ranked to create traffic to your site,it can be either Algorithmic or Organic,this generally includes,keywords that you use ,and deals with with your content depending on how often you optimize your page,it also link or site building.
How does it work,For one to be indexed you must have relevant content in your site,try writing frequently,optimizing your site is really a good thing to do,get inbound links from similar sites like yours,try and have inbound links that are genuine ,well formatted and informative,REMEMBER, Title of your website really matters,,make sure your page texts contain phrases commonly used but do not repeat them frequently,sometimes it my look like spam when spiders crawl in your content.the more links you get the higher the ranking,try submitting your blog to Dmoz,for Ranking,this enables guests to link to your page/blog.
Search Engines use 'bots',or known as spiders to crawl to your content and copying them then putting them in the data for Search Engines,thus enabling links and balancing it with your content in your can usehttp://Google AdWords Keyword Tool to build your lists

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adsense Tips and Tricks

As simple as it sounds,its very crucial if you want to stay with Google AdSense i know you really have to follow rules laid down by them,as they will ban you when you don't follow them.
What is AdSense?-this is where Google allows you to put up Adds and get paid depending on how your visitors click on your Adds.
AdSense Tips And Tricks
Don't ask for clicks from visitors,
Don't tamper ,modify the AdSense code.
Don't stray your visitors or mislead them in a manner to click your Adds,
Use keywords that target your site wisely,don't mislead your visitors,have a specific niche,
Adds unit requirement,3 ads for content,3 link add units,and 2 search boxes.
Appealing look,match your colours and fonts.
Add boxes/units 300x250 is good for your site,and try displaying it on the top of right side of your blog.try blending in your Ads and Images.i recommend you use text ads,give your visitors a choice to choose what they want to peruse.
When you encounter difficulty and need immediate response,go to Google help group discussion,they really do help.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


First and foremost,before you start your application on an affiliate org or as a publisher must know if it will be an advantage to your site,there are specific things you need to know about them before you work hard for them and earn less,check out what commission they offer when visitors purchase from your site,some sites you have to be careful before you sign your self,make sure they are legal,
-Traffic,check how many people visit your site before putting a banner,putting up a banner,is an attractive and an eye catcher to people who visit your blog
-Commission,look how much you will profit when you decide to join them,and if commission is less its okay especially if the affiliate market is stable.
-Product info,is it something that people are looking for?is it marketable,
-Popularity,is it something people would want to have,use need ,
-Discounted products,look for discounted products to give your customers,a choice when they surf from your site.
-Audience,let them fall in love with your ads,that is a banner, attractive .
i will discuss some of affiliate programs.and i will continue to do more research as we go on-

Amazon is a good affiliate program,to sign yourself in,its always touching base and the buyers are always looking for something new amazon affiliate,they don't have restrictions when you are applying but they do have their policies,its easy to join,you can choose a widget of your choice.
widgetbucks is an add network which have restrictions,you must learn their policies before you register,its really important.
They do work with AdSense,they give you specifics,rules on how to run their ads on your adsense
just find out how,go to their site,Chitika,for more info.
This affiliate program from helps blogger/publisher,to get relevant shopping links and adds to their site helping them generate traffic to and from your site