Saturday, January 31, 2009


On my next topic i will talk about,affiliate programs,some of the most applied affiliate programs to benefit your blogs,but first you have to check the AdSense programs and policies regarding other ads on your web site.REMEMBER i have posted the rules of AdSense in and will continue to emphasize on it,
Earning with AdSense does come easy,it all about hard work,be on topic,be on the know,update your blog regularly,make it your business.

For further information about AdSense,that a new blogger needs to know is that there are blogger who have gone pro,they offer good advise ,some sell their secrets,but all i know is that,it does not come easy,blog,blog and blog,create friends from social networks,AdSense ebook is an AdSense book that offers information and guides that a new blogger needs to know sometimes even the already blogger go for references.


On my post,,Bloggerbreeze,i spoke about,the golden rules of AdSense.
i have done alot of perusing around and found some top paying and powerful keywords,for AdSense,.
this are words that are mostly searched ,but anyway i think its a good idea,to have such keywords according to what your blog is about,don't let your readers be confused when they come to your site and you have different topics on your site,you should know that,your visitors are in your website to find a particular thing they are searching for,misleading them might make them not come back to your site,
making money online,
affiliate programs
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This are just a few but they are the best searched.