Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adsense Tips and Tricks

As simple as it sounds,its very crucial if you want to stay with Google AdSense i know you really have to follow rules laid down by them,as they will ban you when you don't follow them.
What is AdSense?-this is where Google allows you to put up Adds and get paid depending on how your visitors click on your Adds.
AdSense Tips And Tricks
Don't ask for clicks from visitors,
Don't tamper ,modify the AdSense code.
Don't stray your visitors or mislead them in a manner to click your Adds,
Use keywords that target your site wisely,don't mislead your visitors,have a specific niche,
Adds unit requirement,3 ads for content,3 link add units,and 2 search boxes.
Appealing look,match your colours and fonts.
Add boxes/units 300x250 is good for your site,and try displaying it on the top of right side of your blog.try blending in your Ads and Images.i recommend you use text ads,give your visitors a choice to choose what they want to peruse.
When you encounter difficulty and need immediate response,go to Google help group discussion,they really do help.

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