Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Do you wonder why you have a high rate of visitors and less clicks or no clicks at all,or if you have clicks they do generate low income,We all have gone through storms and tides,frustrated and some yet have given up,Don't give up hope as there are new findings daily on ways to earn start earning with AdSense,fellow bloggers don't be discouraged ,i told you earlier joining social communities really helps,but lets be honest here,they are there to help you generate traffic,so you are visited daily and they leave good comments,which you have to appreciate for taking thier time to check your site,then you ask a question why is it that they are not clicking on my adds ?Simple they are thereto socialize with you,give you courage and support maybe newbies will try and click your info ads out of curiosity am just saying but if they are starting an AdSense site then that's okay because they are looking for more information the more information you provide the more interested they will at least look for more info,but how will they look for more info on your Ads when you don't talk about ways to earn money with Adsense?Assume you are talking about earning money with Adsense and your content is something so different?The word for AdSense power play is CONTENT,AND KEYWORD in your site.Social marketing is only for getting traffic,Now you have traffic what next?Lets go one step ahead ,lets think like our visitors ,just like you put yourself in their corner ,they simply are not looking for friends,chat,socializing,remember they are looking for information,products,what to do that will help them,from health to software,electronics,ways of earning money,education etc ,So target them,what else can you do,you can do it by promoting products,advertising them,become an affiliate to various companies,and work around them,put discounted items if you decide to advertise with affiliate programs like Amazon,EBay .Affiliate programs come in so many ways,in Publishing and in PTC click companies which needs working round your affiliated programs to get or earn some money.But before you join any affiliate or click to pay services hunt around and get people in forums or blogs who can help you to share thier experiences with the services.
BEGINNERS - Everyday we learn different ways of earning with AdSense or simply how to set it up,if you are hosted by blogger know that AdSense is allowed on your site,you need to sign up and give an accurate information about yourself and when applying for AdSense know your content,know what you want to write about,so if you apply and create a powerful keyword to go along with the content.update your blog regularly and try optimizing,TIP try and use google tips on your AdSense account,try and read their do and don ts and ask questions in the google group discussions.

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