Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What is SEO?Basically this is called Search Engine Optimization where your website is ranked to create traffic to your site,it can be either Algorithmic or Organic,this generally includes,keywords that you use ,and deals with with your content depending on how often you optimize your page,it also link or site building.
How does it work,For one to be indexed you must have relevant content in your site,try writing frequently,optimizing your site is really a good thing to do,get inbound links from similar sites like yours,try and have inbound links that are genuine ,well formatted and informative,REMEMBER, Title of your website really matters,,make sure your page texts contain phrases commonly used but do not repeat them frequently,sometimes it my look like spam when spiders crawl in your content.the more links you get the higher the ranking,try submitting your blog to Dmoz,for Ranking,this enables guests to link to your page/blog.
Search Engines use 'bots',or known as spiders to crawl to your content and copying them then putting them in the data for Search Engines,thus enabling links and balancing it with your content in your website.you can usehttp://Google AdWords Keyword Tool to build your lists

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