Friday, June 25, 2010


To be honest there are alot of ways that crop up daily on how to make money,but the first thing is that you must have a website,own a blog look around the Internet and do some research to find out how people go about it,its difficult yet demanding that's why they say some have opt to make it a part time job,make a website,it Can be your own,or with Google blogger and look for what you want to talk about or sell,its very important to stick to one thing not too many different topics at times they confuse your customers as they are looking for a particular thing.
This is another way which is good to earn money,remember writing demands a full time job,excellent communication and writing skills,alot of people who have taken up careers eg journalists,article writing,and are committed to make it a full time job,writing articles and submitting them E-zine Articles,Go Articles and other directories that need article submissions
This also comes in handy nowadays people with good grammar,who write songs,plays etc,the secret to all the above is selling an article that can be understood .write about your business,offer free download,talk about your niche and let your readers like what they read
This i think comes in easier than writing as it is self explanatory,you sell yourself,you can also do tutorials,by doing so you have to promote your work,if your selling stuff be sure to explain the importance do not over exaggerate,always be to the point,don't lie to customers,as you depend on them,if you are selling soccer clothes and soccer products be sure,to clarify how to get them you can also include a lower percentage to first come will get a certain percent off
Being a lensmaster in squiddo,when creating a page ,squiddo runs its lenses through the ads and as usual a visitor clicks on them you get paid
Start a blog on something you would like to do,set your mind to it,work around it like its your lifeline,love it and make it fun,it will need alot of hardwork,people like to read something that's is eyecatcthing,educative and has some honesty in it,keep on blogging you cannot miss something to write about,the Internet is full of blogger with ideas.
This is effective,needs your effort and handwork,and time.When people give allow to send them information they trust you,send them quality information,,this way you build a list this way you earn money by getting their business.
This can be done online or offline,selling products and building distributors and being able to talk to others face to face,referring people to websites on where to get what they are looking for
Include your URLs and links to your website,this is a media between your blog and website,and its also not easy,needs alot of hardwork,if you have joined affiliate programmes its a good way to sell a product which you are advertising.