Tuesday, February 3, 2009


First and foremost,before you start your application on an affiliate org or company.you as a publisher must know if it will be an advantage to your site,there are specific things you need to know about them before you work hard for them and earn less,check out what commission they offer when visitors purchase from your site,some sites you have to be careful before you sign your self,make sure they are legal,
-Traffic,check how many people visit your site before putting a banner,putting up a banner,is an attractive and an eye catcher to people who visit your blog
-Commission,look how much you will profit when you decide to join them,and if commission is less its okay especially if the affiliate market is stable.
-Product info,is it something that people are looking for?is it marketable,
-Popularity,is it something people would want to have,use need ,
-Discounted products,look for discounted products to give your customers,a choice when they surf from your site.
-Audience,let them fall in love with your ads,that is a banner, attractive .
i will discuss some of affiliate programs.and i will continue to do more research as we go on-

Amazon is a good affiliate program,to sign yourself in,its always touching base and the buyers are always looking for something new amazon affiliate,they don't have restrictions when you are applying but they do have their policies,its easy to join,you can choose a widget of your choice.
widgetbucks is an add network which have restrictions,you must learn their policies before you register,its really important.
They do work with AdSense,they give you specifics,rules on how to run their ads on your adsense
just find out how,go to their site,Chitika eMiniMalls.com,for more info.
This affiliate program from Shopzilla.com helps blogger/publisher,to get relevant shopping links and adds to their site helping them generate traffic to and from your site

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