Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Have you ever stopped and wondered why your blog is not generating revenue or traffic?do you want to give up and do away with blogging because its hard for you to write on your blog because you have run out of ideas?don't give up,look around ,you cannot get lost if you have a particular niche of blogging because the Internet has bloggers like you,read their blogs and get ideas,some articles have content that you can submit to your blog.
1.Posting-try posting on your blog as often as time allows,
2.Content-write appropriately on the topic of your niche,respond to your audience as soon as possible,comment on other blogs,give positive comments,don't wait for people to come to your blog when you don't try to check out your blog.
3.Blog outlay-when you are designing your blog,don't over do it,avoid screaming colors,don't load your blog with alot of ads that your promoting,be neat,simple .
4.Simplicity-when you are trying to pass out information let the audience understand you,be clear,if your readers don't understand you they would rather go to other blogs where they will find help and easy instruction on understanding on what they are looking for don't make it complicated
5.Spamming-some bloggers love that don't they but we hate spammers once you send inappropriate information to your readers in order for you to gain through them without them knowing,its really upsetting they end up giving your blog a bad name thus you fellow blogger become banned or loose loyal fans,SIMPLY dont do it.
lets all blog and be happy with what we do.

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