Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Are you kidding me,i don't think that any other Google alternative cannot beat Google AdSense,the competition is not on the same level,the affiliate programs or pay per click,don't pay that much after you get to know how to work with google,,google offers earnings in a matter of way that depends on what you blog about to pull your visitors or those who want to learn from your site,google AdSense offers contextual advertising,targeting the topic or keyword on your blog,it helps you understand why keyword is important by placing ads on your site,its a hard road but we have to keep focus on why we blog,be it for money or fun,always keep that in mind,Though at the moment, Google's new expandable ads will only be made available to advertisers in the US Anyone in the States. The ads will be created by "Google-certified rich media vendors for the advertisers ,which will be in video.Google tries all tricks to help publishers be able to work with their ads

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